Thom Fooles House Party


What a night! Where else can you go in London to see comedy, play tombola and play Grandma’s footsteps of a Thursday evening.

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to Thom Fooles House Party. An immersive comedy event bought to you by the same folks who gave us Gospeloke (Read the blog here) and Musical Bingo.

This night is currently playing once a month at The Old Queens Head . Once word get around though, I think there will be a call for more regular nights, as it was so much fun.

The Old Queens Head is a wonderful pub on the Essex Road in Angel. It’s interior is like an old-fashioned private members club with dark wood and antlers everywhere, even a complete knights outfit. There is patio seating at the front, and a small garden to the back if you want so al fresco drinking.

Upstairs there is a room for regular events and a private room for hire. The bar staff are incredibly attractive and make good cocktails, bonus!. The resident kitchen currently is Lucky Chip.

Get there early for Thom Fooles house to get a good seat. If you don’t want to be involved don’t sit right at the front, but as it’s immersive you’re not safe anywhere!

The host is a slightly passive aggressive , but very likeable Wilmot Brown, who hasn’t worked since the 1990’s. Wilmot is played by Marny Godden, she does a great job of transitioning between acts and involving the audience.


Thom Fooles House Party


There is a mattress on stage and a bottle of tequila, anything can happen. For example, a member of the audience was tied up in a maypole and left on the bed on stage for about half and hour, until his friends rescued him.


Thom Fooles House Party


There were quite a few different acts on, the way I would sum up the comedy was awkward, random but very funny. The variety of the performances was great, and there was something for everyone.

The highlights for me were The Establishment, Lee Kern and Frank Sanazi. 


Thom Fooles House Party


The Establishment kicked off the show, 2 posh blokes in suits and bowler hats doing sketches about broadsheets and fox hunting. Funny, silly, inoffensive and very British. 

Lee Kern plays an awkward and shy character beautifully well. His joke about how to write your porn name was possibly my favourite of the night.

The headline Frank Sanazi is someone I’ve heard about and wanted to see perform for a while, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. He’s a rat pack style singer who changes the lyrics to the song to Nazi Rhetoric. Extremely clever jokes and the man can certainly sing. He’s jokes are so clever he often got a round of applause after each one.

All the acts were well supported and the atmosphere in the room was friendly and electric. 

These acts were interspersed by Marny Goddem keeping the energy up by getting the audience to play different games. Games of musical statues, charades and grandmas footsteps all happened.

After all the comedy had finished they put some Prince on so we could all have a sing along to Purple Rain and have a dance.

The difference between Thom Fooles house and other comedy nights is the interaction. The audience start talking to each other and also become part of the show. You feel like you are sharing in a unique experience and the children’s games makes it very playful.

The tickets are only £5 in advance of £7 on the door, So it’s a great value night out.

You can win a bottle of prosecco or some After 8 mints. The person next to me won the mints so she shared them with us!

I loved my night at Thom Fooles House, and so did my friends, and would definitely return .


Thom Fooles House Party


Amazing value of a night out where you get to play, be entertained and dance, should you wish. The acts were high quality and very entertaining


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