The Garage


The Garage in Islington has recently re-opened with a new appearance. Once hosting gigs from the likes of Radiohead and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the entire venue has had a makeover including the sound system, bars and toilets. 

With live music venues and nightclubs closing down in London every week, The Garage’s relaunch is a shiny beacon of musical hope. The Garage originally opened in 1993 and became established as an indie and rock venue. The Garage will be a venue for established bands and also a place to nurture new music acts and D.J’s.

The Garage has great transport links and is opposite Highbury and Islington tube station.The Garage now comprises of a new cafe, large music venue and smaller upstairs venue.

The new venue has a retro themed cafe bar called ‘The General Store’ that serves coffee and is ready, set for freelance workers with plenty of plug sockets and single seating.

Cocktails and craft beer are also served and the General Store is a lovely venue to a drink and relax, or to grab a drink before catching a gig.

The new venue is sleek and clean, there’s no stale beer in sight and your feet won’t stick to the carpet. The main Garage Venue is spacious with a 600 capacity and has a large bar.

Upstairs, independent to the main venue is a smaller venue called Thousand Island. Thousand Island is a retirement home for glitter balls, as it’s ceiling is covered with them, and is a  brilliantly camp and glitzy room. On the night we visited we loved the northern soul playing and the small bottles of wine they serve. Thousand Island would be a great venue for a private party or event.


I was delighted  that the Garage has been kept as a music venue but has had a modern update and was very impressed.  The Garage is now a multipurpose venue that caters to a broad spectrum of people’s desires over the 3 different venues.


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