7 tips to save money on your wedding


Add the word wedding to anything and like magic, the cost multiplies.

Although it should be one of the best days of your life, it is debatable if it is worth putting yourself in debt for. You could be using this money for a deposit on a flat rather than for 1 day of celebration. 

With a bit of research and planning you can save some money and also have some fun along the way. Surely the most important thing is to have a brilliant celebration and show your love for each other. You don’t want to do this is a carbon copy of other people’s weddings but in personal, thoughtful way. 

I’ve yet to get married or even consider it but I’ve picked up tips from listening to brides to be.  Funnily enough they just love to talk about weddings!


1) MOO

Moo do great greetings cards and you can print a personalised wedding invite. They also have flyers which can be used for save the date cards.



If you like your photos natural, you can save money on an official photographer and get all your friends and family to download their best pictures onto a photo book. They can all access it from an online link and even leave messages to. Makes a great and thoughtful gift for any occasion!



You can learn and get so much inspiration using Youtube. I’ve been to weddings where the floral centre piece has been replaced by a Ferrero Rocha tree, with everything purchased from Costco. Get together with your friends and do some crafting. Paper corsages, wedding favours and invites are all things you could make yourself and you can have fun at the same time.



Get yourself a big car and head to France to pick up the booze. Save yourself a fortune by getting a venue where you can supply the drink. Even if you need to pay for corkage, you’ll still save yourself money on the venues alcohol charges. Great sparkling wine is so much cheaper. You also have an excuse to go to France.

If you’re not up for a drive to France try

MAJESTIC WINE; Majestic do great deals on bulk buys and you can go in and try the wine. They also will take any of the bottles you don’t use back.  Majestic do free glass hire at £1 per glass deposit with no time limit.


Like a new car as soon as you buy your dress it decreases heavily in value. Unlike a car, you will probably never use your dress again.  Try some dresses on and work out what styles and designers you like. You may be able to find the same dress via eBay, from charity wedding dress sales or even as ex display dress that just needs a clean.

EBAY; Ebay is an online auction site.




One of the best things I’ve seen at a wedding is to get friends and family to bring a cake. You end up with a huge table of British Bake off style cakes of all different types. There’s something to suit everyone. People also feel that they’ve contributed towards the wedding.



If you have a couple of video cameras knocking about, as everyone uses their phones now, get your mates to film bits of the day. You can then edit them together.

 EDIT YOUR WEDDING can hire you 3 cameras for your friends to use and then they can edit it together for you from £299. For unedited footage, you can get 3 cameras to borrow for £179

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