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Poulet Rouge Balham - London Offers


There’s a new restaurant in the Balham neighbourhood and it’s classy and competitively priced.

Poulet Rouge, from the same owners of  cattle grid, Steven Novak and Shaun Grey, opened this week on Chestnut grove. Poulet Rouge is literally a feeble stones throw from Balham station.
Poulet Rouge Balham - London Offers
 The interior has a French farm-house feel with ornate floors and simple tables and chairs. At the back of the restaurant you can see the open plan kitchen which is clean and busy. The walls are adorned with Tour de France jerseys.
The tables are well spaced out and the atmosphere is relaxed with couples dining or large groups of friends.
Poulet Rouge Balham - London Offers
You may have guessed from the title that this is predominately a chicken restaurant, a French chicken restaurant. The chickens are sourced from The Johnson and Swarbrick farms in Lancashire.  On the French inspired menu There are also galettes, which are gluten-free, and crepes, and a variety of side dishes. Vegetarians are also well catered for
Poulet Rouge - London Offers
We tried the game chips (£2)  as a little snack whilst we waited for out dinner. These are warm, freshly made criss-cross cut crisps. Without even trying to be amusing I told the waitress I was ‘game to try them’ (they are called game chips). The waitress was polite and laughed. I apologised.
Poulet Rouge - London Offers
The menu is in French with no description so if there’s anything you need help with the waiting staff are more than willing to assist.
For our main course we opted for  half  a rotisserie chicken (£9.50) , which was golden and succulent. I ordered a jus (0.50p) to go with the chicken which was also delicious.
Poulet Rouge - London Offers
We also ordered a chicken and chorizo galette (£7), a galette is a savoury pancake. The galette was tasty and a good combination with the tender chicken and the strong, salty Chorizo.
We ordered side orders of fries (£2.75), panzanella (£3.75) and celeriac remoulade (£3)
The fries were good and crispy with skin on. I would recommend the panzanella to add a taste of zingy freshness to chicken with tomatoes and onion. The celeriac was like a an equivalent to a coleslaw and was creamy and peppery. We didn’t finish all our food and I would suggest just 1 side each!
Poulet Rouge Balham - London Offers
We finished by sharing a Nutella, banana and honey comb crepe (£4,20) which was enough for 2 to share. with a lemon crepe at just £1.70. Possibly the cheapest dessert I’ve ever seen in a restaurant!
The drink is also very reasonable with bottles of wine starting at £15.50 and bottles of beer at £3.50.
The staff were helpful, attentive with a good sense of humour too.
Poulet rouge is also open for breakfast, serving breakfast galettes that start at just £2!
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