Our Promise

How is Empty Pocket Guide different?

We’re not your usual events listing site. What makes us different is we use our knowledge and passion for all things London and Brighton to find the best, most interesting deals that give you real value rather than poor service or products for rock-bottom prices. Cheap and cheerful is not what Empty Pocket is about.

Empty Pocket helps you have the best time with the money you have.

Empty Pocket Guide is about making the most of the pennies in your pocket.  Whether that is art, theatre, beauty, film, history or family events or food and drink. And no-one should ever be denied Champagne through lack of cash.

We’re more personal. And that helps finding better deals.

Being friendly is nice. Being a faceless corporate brand with an eye on the bottom line isn’t so nice. We build up genuine relationships with good restaurants, museums and local businesses who are happy to offer us exclusive deals. They trust us and know we will work with them to match them to the right sort of customer who appreciates the better things, but on a budget.

We go further than other websites.

Not only do we scour the Internet for great deals to highlight to you, we actually go out and try them ourselves. With our feet literally on the ground we’re finding deals and offers that other sites do not feature. We believe getting out from behind a desk and getting stuck in is not only the best way to find terrific value deals. It allows us to really understand what is on offer and explain, honestly, to you whether it is right for you.

We don’t focus on cheap, we focus on good value.

A £1 ticket to a terrible exhibition may have cost only a £1, but if you don’t enjoy any benefit from handing over your £1 you haven’t received good value. In fact, even if you’d spent 10p and it was terrible, it would stil be poor value. “But it was only 10p…” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

It’s your money, so demand more.

That’s why we focus on value. We feature offers and deals ranging from a few pounds to several hundred pounds. Great value doesn’t just mean low price.

How we work
Every day we scour the cities and the internet for new and interesting offers, promotions and exclusive deals that, we feel, would interest our readers.

Not every deal is equal

We don’t highlight every offer that comes along, simply because we don’t believe bombarding you with information is useful to you. We only choose to highlight those offers that, we believe, represent good value and present them to you in a regular, straightforward way. If you see a deal on Empty Pocket Guide, you know it is a good one.

It’s Our Promise to you.

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