Nine Lives

Nine Lives bar is a new and wonderfully hidden, sumptuous bar in a Victorian basement in London Bridge. 

The bar is named Nine Lives as owners ethos is all about salvation, and nothing is wasted. They even have a garden where they grow herbs and vegetables to use, that is also a space for the staff to sit and relax. Everything at Nine Lives has been painstakingly chosen and considered.

Nine Lives is a short walk from London Bridge Station and Bermondsey Street in Holyrood Street, in a place that you wouldn’t expect to find a bar.

Nine Lives is a delightful surprise with a welcoming security person and a candlelit entrance.

Head downstairs and you will find a bar full of plants and reclaimed furniture with a tropical feel. It does not feel like you are in a basement in London.  There are intimate booths for smaller groups or couples and areas to cater for larger groups. The areas are segregated so the different areas feel private but you can still see what’s happening in the rest of the bar.

The cocktail list is small but beautifully formed with short drinks, long drinks, tarted up and even lower alcohol cocktails, prices start from £7.50.

My first cocktail was a Moby Dick which is whisky, coconut and salted caramel and it was one of my favourite cocktails of 2017 so far!

Currently Nine Lives doesn’t serve food but you can order pizza that comes from a nearby restaurant.

The staff at Nine Lives are really personable and friendly and add to the ambience of the bar.

If you like a little game whilst your drinking there is a shuffleboard in the corner of the bar. When we visited there was a large group of mates crowded round having a brilliant time drinking and playing.

My second cocktail was a Sting Ray with port, raspberry liquor, mint and citrus acid,  it was subtle and delicious. My friend opted for the refreshingly fruity Crossfire Hurricane with lots of fruit and rum.

The music system is great and was bought from the London Bridge club Cable when it shut. Every Saturday Nine Lives has a rent party where the cover charge is £5 to come in, have a dance and help cover the rent!

Nine Lives is closed on Sunday and Monday and is open from 5pm for the rest of the week.


I loved everything about Nine Live, the ethos, the atmosphere and especially the cocktails. I’m looking forward to returning to bring some friends to try that whiskey and salted caramel cocktail.


Nine Lives

Basement, 8 Holyrood Street, SE1 2EL

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