Morning Gloryville


Getting up a 5am by choice, on a weekday  is never anyones favourite thing to do, but that’s what I did to experience my first Morning Gloryville. I did not regret it.


Morning Gloryville is a morning, sober rave taking place in venues in London and Manchester.

They are shaking up the typical morning routine, they even make reading the small print fun. There’s healthy food and drink available, fitness classes and banging beats. It will make you fall in love with life and make you feel amazing for the rest of your day.


The tickets are cheaper the early you buy them and are under £20 unless a special event , like events up at The Shard.

I was lucky enough to attend their birthday bash where 1000 people descended on Brixton Beach, a rooftop bar in Brixton, at 7am in the morning. The streets of Brixton were full of sequins and inflatables from poundland, quite a sight in such an early hour.


I’m not going to lie, I was in a grumpy mood and very tired. I’m not a fan of big crowds and queues but after half an hour of absorbing the atmosphere at Morning Gloryville, I was fully won over.

It was a sunny midweek morning in Brixton and it could have been ibiza with a completely sober and up for it crowd. There was so much joy when a train full of commuters went by overhead and we took delight in waving at it, like an over excited toddler.

If you have ever experienced the incredible loving and inclusive atmosphere of Glastonbury, you will agree that Morning Gloryville has a similar feeling.

There is watermelon water being given out in abundance and there are also jugs if water available, you are encouraged to keep your cup.

I took part in a laughter yoga class, it is nothing like any yoga you’ve tried before. The short class was taken Rosanna Simpson and involved lots of positive sayings, intimate moments with strangers and fake laughing which eventually leads to actually laughing. Your voice feels more relaxed afterwards and you most definitely feel happier. The group who also took the class seems to then gravitate towards each other when we were having a dance.

There are people on hand to give you hugs, human unicorns dancing, face painting, biodegradable glitter and even massages to help your Morning Gloryville experience.

As I mentioned ,I was lucky enough to go to their 4th birthday party event with a secret guest D.J playing. I said to my friend that it better be Fat Boy Slim (mainly as it was the only D.J I know) and it was. Fat Boy Slim was amazing and threw himself into getting the crowd going.

What should you wear? Well anything and everything goes, exactly like at any festival. There is a different theme at every event and you can plunge yourself in as much as you wish. There are even stalls that sell clothes too, if you feel you want to step it up once you’ve seen everyone else.

I’m responsible of generally use alcohol to hide out inhibitions and the wonderful thing about Morning Gloryville is that you can’t do that. Once you’ve eased yourself in you’ll find you can dance and talk to strangers and generally have a wonderful time.

The next London event, and Morning Gloryville’s new London base, will be at the notorious Ministry of Sound nightclub in Elephant and Castle.

Morning Gloryville isn’t just a morning rave, but a movement. The wonderful fuzzy feeling that Morning Gloryville gives you also continues with the notion of taking positive action where the world needs it the most. They encourage you to do what you can for others and the Morning Gloryville fund gives the experience for free to communities and people who need it the most.



Morning Gloryville is a wonderful life affirming experience that everybody needs to try. You will feel like you are floating on clouds afterwards and feel ready for anything. With London having a hard time of late, it’s events like this where you feel like you are part of something amazing and people are generally brilliant. One for the bucket list. 

Want Morning Gloryville to come to your city? Get in touch as they are always looking to expand.



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