If you love Thai food and have never actually visited Thailand, you have no idea how good it can taste, until you try the food made by the boys at Krapow.

Paul and Rich, who are close friends and now business partners, started Krapow in 2016. They started by selling street food at various London markets, music festivals and private events and now they have a pop-up restaurant in Clapton. They are currently selling at Victoria Park Market and Deptford Bites.

If you have ever visited Thailand you may have come across the Northern Thai street food called Krapow. Whilst visiting Thailand, Paul fell completely in love with Krapow, notably as a fantastic hangover cure, but was surprised to find nowhere in London sold it. So here began his mission to bring Krapow and other fantastic lesser-known Thai dishes to the streets of London. What a hero!

I had never heard of Krapow until I happened to come across these two handsome chaps making streetfood at Skylight, a rooftop bar in Wapping. Their food was not only interesting and delicious but they got my attention with their fun sense of humour with a cheeky slogan ‘Thai me up’ on their T-shirts. So not only is the food divine but they are also fun and absolutely seem to love their job.

The pop up restaurant on Chatsworth Road is cosy and romantic with candles and shrubbery. It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings and takeaway is also available.

The food is delicious and perfect for sharing, so grab a date and take them to impress. Krapow is a perfect destination for a  group of mates to catch up.

I love street food but you may of also noticed that the weather in the U.K isn’t always ideal for outdoor dining on the hoof. With Krapow’s pop-up restaurant you get the chance to sit and concentrate on the taste of the food in a lovely setting,

My absolute favourites were the Asian fried chicken and the coconut curry but myself and my friend sat there with a contented smile and proclaimed how incredible everything tasted over and over again as we tried a mountain of food, it must have been at least mildly annoying for the person sat next to us.

To wash all this incredible food down we sipped on Asian inspired gin cocktails and fresh infused cucumber water.


The food at Krapow is wonderful and their pop up restaurant needs to be taken advantage of. The prices are amazing for the quality of food and the atmosphere in the restaurant is lovely. Book now. 


Catch Krapow at markets, street food festivals, and Secret Cinema.

The pop up restaurant on Chatsworth Road is open Thursday 6-10.30pm Friday 6- 11 pm, Saturday 6-11pm


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