Jurassic Globalls – Brighton

Jurassic Globalls


What do you get If you combine crazy golf and dinosaurs that glow in the dark?  Jurassic Globalls!

Jurassic Globalls has newly opened in Brighton Marina with custom that’s so far come as word of mouth, they are so new they aren’t even advertised on the Brighton Marinas signposts yet.

The main draw is the price, it’s just £5 each for anyone and anytime. Under 3’s are completely free! There’s no need to book, just turn up but on busy days you may have to wait as there’s needs to be some kind of crowd control. If it’s too busy you won’t enjoy your game.

I visited on a Wednesday lunchtime and there was only 3 other people playing at this time.

There are small lockers available to put your belongings in, if you really want to focus in your game. You are given a score card with the name and par of each game. You are then given a neon club and ball.

We squealed with delight as we entered the neon dinosaur filled room. It isn’t big but it still took us 45 minutes to play, Tiger Woods, we are not.

Although some of the courses look really easy, they certainly aren’t. In fact one of the obstacles meant that my friend took 21 goes to complete, the par was 3!

Make sure you use the obstacles to make the games harder. It is brilliant fun and we were howling with laughter for much of the course. It’s a very friendly environment and we chatted and laughed to some of the other people playing.

There’s plenty of photo opportunities with neon dinosaurs and it is very light-hearted and amusing.

If you aren’t bringing children, in the evenings after 7pm it is just adults playing.

Jurassic Globalls is great value fun for any age.

During peak times you will need patience, as it can get very busy.

There’s loads to do in Brighton Marina with bowling, cinema, restaurants and bars. There are places to sit by the water and look at the boats. There are also public ping pong tables in the marina is you want to carry on being competitive! 


Unit 8, Ground Floor, Mermaid Walk, The Waterfront, Brighton Marina, BN2 5WA

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