The Guide to Saving Money on Theatre in London


Guide to saving money on the theatre


Love going to the theatre but can’t afford to go? Well here’s some hints and tips to save yourself some money.



A brilliant theatre club that sends alerts out via email for tickets to plays, musicals, comedy and events for a nominal booking fee. My box office is £15 to join and is a seat filling service so if you say you’re going to go, you need to go. You need to be discreet about where you got your tickets, as you may have full price paying guest sitting next to you. You will be contacted via email, occasionally via text, and seats are first come first served.



Audience Club was formed in 2007 and is a theatre club that gives you access to first nights and previews of plays and concerts. Audience Club  is £5 to join, which goes to their chosen charity.
Producers give a limited number of tickets to The Audience Club to her promote their show and to create word of mouth buzz about the show.
The shows are in central London and fringe venues also. The shows aren’t limited to theatre and include concerts, operas, comedy, cabaret and more.
Currently there is a 3 month waiting list to join.
When you are a member you will have access to discounted tickets for shows and gigs for a nominal booking fee of £3.
You are asked to be very discreet about getting tickets off audience club and not let others around you know, as they may have paid full price.
Once you have purchased tickets you must go to the performance. You have to upload photos of your lovely faces to the website, to make sure it is only you who is getting the tickets.



This is a seat filling and audience development service. The initial fee is more expensive than the other clubs at £75 but does entitle you to apply for up to 4 tickets per performance. Tickets have a nominal booking fee of £1-£3 each. There’s no limit of shows you can get tickets for. You will get alerts sent to you via email, and tickets are on a first come first served basis. You will also be invited to survey shows where you can apply for tickets on the basis that you will need to give feedback and these are generally to new larger West End Productions. You mustn’t mention playbyplay to other people in theatre and must always use the tickets you book. I have previously been a member and would absolutely recommend joining.


TKTS map - London Discounts



The TKTS ticket booth is based in Leicester Square and is open 7 days a week. If you are open minded about what you want to see, pop here on the day and take a look at what’s available. There are discounted tickets available with a £3 fee added to all discounted tickets. You can also buy top price tickets from the TKTS booth with a £1 booking fee.



Last is a website often that has great offers on theatre  tickets. The tickets need to be booked at least a day  in advance. They also have good deals if you want a meal included with your theatre ticket. It’s easy to search if you are looking to book a theatre show on a specific date and don’t mind what you see.



A free to register service that gets you discounted tickets to theatre, films, sports and concert events. It is predominantly a service for film distributors for get feedback on preview films but gives you access to many other great offers. Theatre tickets are available for up to 60% off but sometimes only for a minimal fee.


London theatre direct is a easy to use theatre booking website. They list  last-minute tickets, discounts and no booking free offers.




Theatre Tickets Direct is an easy to use website with discounted tickets and no booking fee offers. You can buy tickets for theatre, plays, opera, ballet, attractions and show and meal offers.



Today tix is an easy to use app, offering you the best price on theatre tickets. You can book on the same day or up to a week ahead. You can use this app in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington and New York. You get alerts for special ticket offers. You get rewarded for talking about the productions on social media and have access to on the day rush tickets for some productions. These tickets are available last minute and at a discount.

Use code HOFAY when you join and get £10 off your first order. Read my blog here



Many productions will have day seats at a reduced cost that you will need to queue up for on the day. These seats will usually be priced cheaper, but you can’t guarantee you’ll get them.


Every Monday the Jerwood Theatre upstairs and Jerwood Theatre Downstairs has £10 tickets that are released at 9am on day of  the performance online or 10am at box office. If you become a member of The Royal Court , costing from £35 a year, you will be prioritised for these £10 tickets in advance. You are limited to purchasing 2 tickets per person for Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, and 4 tickets per person for Jerwood Theatre downstairs.



The Book of Mormon has a ticket lottery everyday where 21 top price tickets are sold for £20 ,making  you a huge saving on normal ticket prices. The lottery draw starts 2 and a half hours before the performance. There’s a maximum of 2 tickets per person and you must be present for the draw. There is also a pair of tickets available online for every performance via a weekly lottery.  Book of Mormon also has a free returns text service.



Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on the South Bank - London ODiscounts



Some theatres have a ‘pay what you can’ night. You need to arrive early and be prepared to queue, otherwise this is a brilliant way of seeing productions if you can’t afford the ticket price.



The Arcola has a ‘Pay What You Can’ night every Tuesday. They hold back 20 tickets at 6pm on the day of the performance and are available on a first come first served basis. The average spend is £5 per ticket and you can get 2 tickets per person.
Some Tuesdays during production that are one off or have a short run ‘Pay What You Can’ may not be available.


Clifton Terrace, N4

 People on low income can get ‘pay what you can’ tickets on Wednesday and matinees. You need to fill in an application form and once accepted you will receive a card that is valid for a year. 



Often shows that are in previews offer discounted tickets as they may make changes before the show officially launches.



You can buy £10 tickets for the first 5 previews of every production at The Old Vic. At least half of the tickets are reduced to £10 during these previews. Tickets are released 5 weeks before the preview performance. Sign up to the Old Vic mailing list to get more information and to be one of the first to hear.



Well lucky you! Many theatres do  offers for under 29 year olds.


Almeida Street, N1 1TA

Under 25’s can get £5 tickets for selected Monday performances.



 If you are 16-25 you can join Young Barbican for free and you get fantastic ticket discounts.  Sign up to get ticket offers on theatre, art, dance, film and music. You can get £5 tickets to the cinema on new releases Monday-Thursday. 


53a Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU

The Bunker Theatre is a new theatre built in a former underground parking garage.
Every show there are 10 tickets for £10 reserved for under 25 year olds.



If you are under 26 you can join Bush Connect for free. You can get £5 off standard tickets and £2.50 off studio tickets. You also get special ticket offers and giveaways.  You membership card will get you 10% off at the Bush Cafe Bar. You will also receive a newsletter that includes exclusive invites to career opportunities and networking events. All for free!


41 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London WC2H 9LX

Are you under 25? Then you can sign up to the young and free scheme at the Donmar Warehouse.



The National Theatre entry pass is free for anyone aged 16-25. You can get £5 tickets for every National Theatre production, but entry pass tickets have an allocation and need to be booked early. You will be invited to exclusive workshops and events and get discounts in the shops and cafes.


1 Clarence Street, Richmond, TW9 2SA

The Orange Tree Theatre is a theatre ‘In the Round’in Richmond.  Under 30’s can get £12 tickets, instead of £20 Monday-Thursday.



There are a limited number of tickets for under 26’s to the Jerwood theatre downstairs for £12. On occasion there are £15 tickets to performances at Jerwood Theatre Upstairs.


269 Kilburn High Road, SW6

If you are under 26 years old you can get a free Trike membership. This will give you access to £10 theatre tickets to selected productions and £5 tickets for cinema screenings. You can also get £5 tickets for networking events, workshops and professional development opportunities.



Very often restricted view tickets are heavily discounted and if you are clever if you buy a good restricted view seat you could save yourself a fortune and miss nothing. This is only a good option if you are attending the theatre alone.


1 Clarence Street, Richmond, TW9 2SA

The Orange Tree Theatre is a theatre ‘In the Round’in Richmond.  You can only buy standing tickets once the show has completely sold out.



There are 10p standing tickets for Jerwood Theatre Downstairs that have a restricted view. There’s 4 available per performance.



There are a whooping 700 standing tickets in the yard for every performance. You must stand though, you can’t sit on the floor and some plays are very long. I thought I’d struggle but I was so swept up in the action on stage, which you are extremely close to, the time flew by. In fact you’d pay a fortune in other theatres to be that close to the action. Shakespeare’s Globe is visually stunning and a very unique experience for just £5 a ticket.


Southbank - London Disounts




All theatres have house seats and it’s often worth popping into the box office to see if there’s any house seats available on the day of performances. House seats are usually kept back for the producers, cast and crew. I personally have very lucky and have been given best seats in the house for £25 when they were priced at £65. It’s always worth being a bit cheeky and checking, all they can say in no. It’s better to sell a seat than have it empty so they may still be able to get you a seat in your price bracket.



Some theatres give a discount if you buy tickets to a number of shows at once. If you are an organised theatre goer this is a perfect option for you.


59a Bethwin Road, Camberwell, SE5 0XT

Get 10% off, when you buy tickets for more than 1 show.


7-75 Newington Causeway, SE1 6BD

You can buy 5 tickets for £60 that can be used at any show on any date and they never expire. Full priced tickets are usually £18. 



For £50 you can get 5 tickets for 5 shows for one person to use. You also get 10% off at the bar.
The arcola passport plus one is £95 and get you 5 tickets each and 10% off at the bar also.
If you are under 30 you can get the passport for £45 for one person. You can only use a passport ticket once for each show.
The shows that aren’t eligible for Arcola passport and clearly shown online.
You can buy your Arcola passport online and they expire after a year.




If you live near a theatre it is likely they will offer you a discount for being a neighbour.


Almeida Street, N1 1TA

During the opening week of selected productions, people in the Islington area can get best seats for £23.


59a Bethwin Road, Camberwell, SE5 0XT

Get a discount to shows if you are a Southwark Resident


7 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 8LJ

If you live local to The Bush you can apply for a free Bush local card. You can get £2.50 off standard priced tickets. You can also get 10% off other shows and in the cafe. T

hey also now have ‘Count me in’ tickets that are available for £10 when you book in advance. Your seats won’t be allocated until the day of performance.


Clifton Terrace, N4
Every Tuesday if you live in a N postcode (not Nw, sorry)  you can get discounted tickets with proof of address. The discount will be available to you online for a year. 


269 West ferry Road, E14 3RS

If you live in the E14 area you can get free bronze membership. The membership gives you a 50% discount on full price tickets, a newsletter and special offers.



Another suggestion I would make to make your theatre trips cheaper is to go in a group. All theatres offer discounts for bulk ticket buys from around 10 people. So you could start yourself a theatre group. Pop all the tickets on a cashback credit card and get people to pay you for the tickets.



If you want to see performances for free whether it’s music or comedy ,the BBC have tickets available to recordings.

You must apply for tickets and they are not guaranteed but are all free



Seat Plan is a  brilliant website that helps you find the best seats in the theatre for your budget. The seats are reviewed by real people and experts. There’s photos of the view you’ll get from your seat. You can check to see how good your tickets are, especially important if you are considering buying a low priced seat. You can book theatre tickets through Seat Plan.







Twickets is a  free app and website that is  self professed to be fair to fans. You can buy tickets for face value or lower. You can also sell any excess tickets you may have.


There are usually discounts for senior citizen, disabled people, students and union members, so it is always worth checking at the box office. 

Lastly I recommend  that you get yourself on twitter and Facebook  and follow and like the shows you want to see. Very often the shows will have special offers, ticket giveaways and competitions. 



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