Guide to Holidaying Like a Rockstar on a Budget

The Guide to Holidaying like a rockstar on a budget


We all dream about holidaying in beautiful places when the journey to get there is as fabulous as the holiday.

When, in reality, we’re lucky to get a seat on a smelly over priced train to get to an airport in the middle of nowhere. To then get on our budget flight where we get charged for taking any luggage.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With a little clever planning and research you can have a holiday more suited to a rich celebrity.

Please don’t actually throw any televisions out of the window ,this will significantly affect costs.




What better way to begin a holiday than relaxing in the airport lounge with unlimited food and drink at your finger tips. Nice comfortable chairs with newspapers and magazines to read. They all have free wifi and some even have day beds to take a nap. Where you can slowly saunter to your gate when it’s announced. Many flights now don’t include refreshments so we have to purchase something at overpriced airport prices. Often we’ll spend as much buying food and drink in the airport outlets that would have covered entry to the airport lounge. You pay a one-off fee and get around 2-3 hours access time depending on lounge.

HOLIDAY EXTRAS – They list airport lounges at airports all over the country. If you find your chosen  airport lounge for less, they’ll give it to you for free.

TASTECARD – Get a Tastecard to get 2-4-1 on No 1 traveller lounges. You can currently get a 3 month Tastecard trial for £1. If you want to guarantee your entry and book in advance there’s a £5 reservation fee. You can get 2-4-1 on airport lounges with taste card

HI-LIFE  DINERS CLUB = Hi-Life Diners Club card gets you 2-4-1 on restaurants in the U.K and Ireland and includes the No.1 Traveller lounge.  The cost of the card is £69.99 for classic membership  or £84.99 for platinum. .



One of the biggest extra expenses there are on your holiday is the journey to the airport. A great option is getting a hotel the night before you fly that includes parking for your car during your holiday. You are therefore less reliant on public transport or taxis arriving. This is especially useful if you are considering travelling to an airport further away for a cheaper flight or getting a very early flight. It also means you are relaxed before you even start your holiday

APH – You can quickly book hotel and parking combined at a range of U.K airports

TRAVEL SUPERMARKET – Easily search airport hotels that include parking during your stay. You will have to pay for the shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport.

HOLIDAY EXTRAS – Holiday Extras will match the price if you find a cheaper parking offer.


I have never been upgraded, so I’m clearly not nailing this but I do usually fly with Easy jet!
Dress well, be polite and maybe even be cheeky and just ask. I’ve heard a box of chocolates for the flight attendants wouldn’t do you any harm either.



This great website and twitter account points you in the direction of getting business class flights for as cheap as possible.  There is also a brilliant guide to collecting points and air miles.



ICE LOLLY is  brilliant website that is  great for last-minute trips. There are some brilliant all-inclusive prices for 5 star hotels including flights. Check hotels against recent Trip Advisor reviews.




Clever marketing as obviously secret escapes is barely secret but you can snap up some wonderful deals. Remember once again to check people’s recent opinions on the hotels listed against trip advisor. They offer up to 60% on luxury hotels and holidays.




Firstly if you are going to get a credit card to collect airmiles, pay the whole amount of every month via direct debit. The point of getting a credit card is to collect points for flights, not for overspending. You can compare cards on USwitch. There are Virgin Atlantic, Avios and star point credit cards to choose from.


That leaves me to wish you a fantastic holiday.

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