Hankies have 2 restaurants selling Delhi street food in central London, in Piccadilly and Marylebone.

I was lucky to visit Hankies at The Montcalm during Marylebone food week. I was shown how to make their bhindi Bhel and see how the roomali roti, AKA Hankies, are made. This bread is what the restaurant specialises in and how they got the name Hankies.


Hankies serve Indian tapas but you won’t find chicken tikka masala on the menu. The food is beautifully flavoured and you can choose from small bites, larger bowls and skewers.

Both restaurants have slightly different menus and prices but both have brilliantly priced dishes that taste amazing.

I was surprised how beautiful and decadent Hankies at Montcalm was considering the fantastic price of the dishes. Small bites start from £3.50 and larger dishes up to £8.50. The food is made for sharing and at these prices you can certainly try a few different dishes and flavours.

Drinks are also brilliantly priced at £2.75 for a bottle of beer, cocktails £5.50 and wine from £5.

The bhindi Bhel is a mix of crispy okra, rice puff, sweet chutney, onions and fresh coriander and tasted fantastic. The hankies were also light and wonderfully fresh.

Both Hankies restaurants cater for meat eaters and vegetarians well. If you are looking for an alternative afternoon tea they serve an Indian afternoon tea for £15 per person, you can add a glass of prosecco for £5.

Hankies cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue has a pre-theatre menu with 2 courses costing just £11 and 3 for £14. There is also a £9.50 lunch dish available daily.


Hankies surprised and delighted me at the same time. This restaurant is stunning an affordable with beautiful food that is inspiring and interesting. I can’t wait to return and try more dishes with my friends. 

Hankies at the Montcalm

Hankies Cafe 

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