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In this wonderful cafe bar situated in Kings Cross you can drink, shop, dance and……..do!  The set up is like a vintage style tea room serving tea, cake, full afternoon tea and cocktails upstairs. There’s a darker bar more suited to dancing downstairs.

There is a shop at the front as you walk in selling gifts and quirky items.
 There are many ‘dos’ all well priced and also many are free.
During the day if you want to arrange an event, like a hen party, you can book in a do of your choice.
Otherwise there are many pre-arranged do’s you can take part in.
The regular free ‘do’s’ include lego robots, play with clay, paper mache monster mash, doodle club and Lionel rich tea (Yes drawing on rich tea biscuits)
 Paid Do’s include vintage hair and makeup classes (£15 for both, great value!) dancing, accessory making, musical bingo, balloon twisting and loads more 
We tried play with clay with our hen party group.
Now there’s actually something very satisfying about sipping cocktails, chatting and moulding a little sculpture. Not that there was much chatting as everybody seemed to get quite competitive and was concentrating too hard for chat! It was all fun and games at first!
The set up is perfect for a birthday or hen party and during the day was very civilised and calm.
We just opted for tea, coffee and cakes off the menu before we moved to cocktails but they can also do afternoon tea for your group.
 After our tea we moved onto the cocktails which are delicious. The espresso martinis especially went down a treat.
Drink Shop Do - London Offers
If you are looking for an evening with a difference or to do something other than just drink on a night out or occasion then head to
9 Caledonian Road

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