Boys Club


Boys Club is a gender bending, lightly charged cabaret show about gender equality from Two Tongue Theatre.

Two Tounge Theatre was formed by Sharlit and Leonor. They are an aptly named duo, as they are a bi-lingual and perform their shows in French and English.

I’m not going to ruin any of the surprises or journey in this hour-long show. I will just give a general round-up of what you can expect.

I got to see the show at The Kings Head in Islington, but there will be plenty of chances to catch the show again.

The Kings Head Theatre is a wonderful pub theatre in Islington on Upper Street this self funded and relies on donations to obtain the £100,000 a year they need to run. All staff and shows are paid, and none of the funds from the bar goes towards the theatre. You can support the Kings Head Theatre by becoming a friend from £25 

Boys Club  opens with Sharlit and Leonor in drag as 2 men, one smooth and the other a real geezer. These men seemingly ooze testosterone, there’s cheesy chat up lines, constant crotch grabbing and even some eye watering and crude sexually orientated jokes. There is also possibly the most interesting use of quinoa I have ever witnessed during the show, in fact I’m not sure I could ever eat it again.

There is a transition into their female characters, where the stereotype is then forced the other way. And you notice the stark contrast of what is expected from each gender without having it being fully spelt out to you.

Sharlit and Leonor don’t ram anything down your throat or push opinions, it’s done in a light and fun way but the message makes you feel uncomfortable. There is still a 30% pay difference, and a distinct lack of female jobs in the arts. Although the show is also in French, you never lose track of what’s happening, and everything does sounds better in French rather than English!

Boys Club and Two Tongue theatre convey their message well, with a perfect blend of sincerity and humour. This show is for any man or women who considers themselves a feminist.

You can see the next performance at Jacksons Lane on 12th July and tickets are ‘Pay What you Can’. Book your ticket here

Read the interview with Two Tongue here.


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