About Empty Pocket Guide

Empty Pocket Guide was launched in July 2012 as a response to growing demand by cultured but cash-strapped consumers who want to see the best of events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and don’t have the corporate dollars to do it.

We launched with our coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012 and are looking to expand our network to cover other high profile events in the future, keeping you in the loop with all the special offers and deals to keep you intellectually and socially stimulated without upsetting your wallet or purse too much.


Meet the team


Lisa Raynsford, Empty Pocket Guide founder

My chosen career was performing arts so I’m used to never knowing how much money I’m going to earn and I live spontaneously. I love going out and exploring so I’ve learnt lots of ways to have a fantastic time with little money which is why I set up Empty Pocket Guide, to share my knowledge and learn more about our wonderful cities.

Empty Pocket Guide is about having the best time you can have with the money you’ve got. You can still have champagne but you may as well get the best deal.

I could be richer but couldn’t be happier!